OBS Background

Ocean Blue Software is the pioneer of open/shared source broadcast software and the Founding member of DTVKit (with Broadcom). We are actively involved in Android / AndroidTV for the last 5+ years and have been working with RDK for 3 years on broadcast integration. In addition we have provided HbbTV solutions since 2015 and developers of parts of the HbbTV Test Suite. Being European Based (offices in Bristol UK & Athens Greece) the company is successfully growing at a rapid pace. Check out our website linked below for more information.


Project Community

The work to date has been a collaboration between OBS and two other HbbTV members. The founders are now looking to create a dedicated community run by the community and for the benefit of the community which is independent of any individual company. There is an opportunity now for new parties to get involved and help set the future direction of ORB.


Progress To Date

  • Functionally complete for HbbTV2.0.3
  • MITExperts tests passed 
  • Android reference integration in full testing
  • RDK reference in progress
  • Will be commercially deployed in 2022
  • Other options/extensions will be executed subject to Contributor support